Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Food of the Mediterranean

We traveled to Italy, Malta, Greece and Turkey. Here are some foodie travels.

We had lunch outside the Vatican day one. I have to admit the pasta was dry, not much sauce and al dente. I had the linguine with asparagus and cambria. Jim had spaghetti with meat sauce  I was fatigued from an over night flight and not that hungry. The red wine was mellow and very good.

 The next day we went to Tuscany. It was a good foodie day, and we were well rested!
First stop was San Gimignano:
 The pizza was wonderful. I tried a bite of Jim's and really wished I had gotten a slice for myself.
 I had to peak in the kitchen of the bakery. This man had no idea how much I wanted to spend the day watching him knead. I didn't tell him for 3 reasons. 1) He didn't know I existed 2) I didn't speak Italian 3) Our tour driver was ready to move on.
 Jim bought a slice of pepperoni...yum!
Pork roasting - I imagine that tasted pretty good....
 We moved onto the winery in Sienna Torciano Winery

 Mama's Lasange Lasagne with Truffled olive oil
 Luigi and Heather~~~~
 The fresh fruit and markets of Sienna

 We found a little cafe in downtown Rome. Nice relaxing evening.